The Clix Comparison
The CLIX Wheel Release System as compared to a traditional quick release system.
Old Quick Release
CLIX™ Wheel Release System
Requires three hands to install
(1 to hold bike, 2nd to operate lever, 3rd to hold adjusting nut)
Requires two hands to install
(1 to hold bike, 2nd to operate lever)
Rider adjustment
required every time
No rider adjustment required
Slow - lots of spinning
to remove wheel
Fast - no spinning needed
QR handle can be
used like a ‘wing nut’
No spinning needed
Must unscrew nut - spring
gets lost
Nut and spring cannot
come off
CLIX was compared against a Shimano XT and a standard Shimano quick release in terms of weight. CLIX came in 13 grams lighter than the standard Shimano QR and only several grams heavier than the Shimano XT skewer.

CLIX is fast. There is no adjustment needed. This means no guesswork, no spinning, and no lost springs.
CLIX is easy. As Bicycling Magazine notes:
"For a person unfamiliar with bicycle quick-releases, CLIX is simpler. Users don't need to touch the adjusting nut; proper clamping force is always realized and the lever cannot be used as a wingnut. CLIX seems tailor made for the recreational cyclist..."

"...CLIX may also appeal to a cyclist already versed in the use of a QR because it's faster than using a traditional QR and a fork with lawyer tabs."
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